The team

Cook Strait Fishing Charters Ltd is a new operator in the Wellington charter fishing industry.

Jonathan Delich, the owner operator has been involved in the local charter industry for the past three years and has extensive fishing knowledge of Wellington from a lifetime of both amature and commercial fishing experience in the area.

The experienced team onboard include a wide range of people who bring a wealth of fishing knowledge along with a passion for helping you have a memorable day out on the sea.

“the worst day fishing is better than the best day working”

I’m not sure who said that quote but we hear it repeated often by customers onboard - usually when the fish aren't biting! seems most customers are aware of the vaugeries in the art of fishing.

While we can not guarentee what fish, how many fish or how big the fish will be (*see note), we can guarentee that we will try our very best to put you on the fish, to ensure a fun day for all onboard and that we will ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

(*fish are tricky little buggers, smarter than they look and it’s a big ocean!)