What to expect

What to expect with Cook Strait Fishing Charters

Those that are familiar to Wellington will well know it’s changeble qualities with regards to weather. This does effect our options with where and how we can fish the particular areas. We make a final call on the weather to groups and individuals the evening before your trip.


Listed below are some of the trip options and what to expect.

Full Day Trip (9 hours)

We depart Seaview marina at 7am and head down the harbour and out the harbour enterance into the Cook Strait. It’s approximately 1 hour steam to the first deep water areas where we target bluenose, bass and hapuku. This deep water fishing is done on the drift in 180-300m depth so we do not anchor but drift the boat over deep pinnacles and drop-offs where we know the fish congregate. Anglers fish one side of the boat as we drift and we can fish a maximum of 12 people at once with this kind of fishing. We can take groups of up to 20 people deep water fishing but we would divide the group into two teams to ensure a better fishing experience. Anglers take turns for each drop - giving a well earned rest between dropping and winding up in 300m! While fishing the deep water involves a lot of winding and physical effort, the rewards with the fish can be spectacular, with our deep water species some of the best eating fish to be had.

The full day trip also allows time to explore and target tarakihi, bluecod, kingfish, trumpeter and other species in shallower waters and reefs around 50-100m. This fishing can be very lively and the action non stop. To experinece the best and varierty of Wellington’s fishing the full day trip is the way to go.

Half Day Trip (5-6hours)

These trips can depart Seaview Marina at either 7am or 2pm and head out to the south coast areas of Wellington. It is usually a 30-40 minute steam to the first reefs where we target Tarakihi, bluecod, kingfish, trevally and many other species. We can also target deep water fishing on these trips but are limited by the time to explore to far afeild.

Wellington Harbour Trips (4 hours)

Wellington Harbour fishing trips are an excellent fishing option if you have a larger group who wish to fish together at the same time. It’s also a great option for school groups or any larger group where time and costs are a consideration. We can time these trips to suit your needs but they are also dependant on other days trips. Often we run 4 hour harbour trips in the evenings 5.30pm - 9.30pm during the summer months.

The harbour is a very underrated fishery. It has a surprisingly wide range of species and it is not uncommon to catch up to 8-10 different species of fish on a trip. Typically we steam south of Makaro/Ward Island and anchor the boat and set plenty of burley to bring the fish to us. Due to the boat being anchored we can fish 20 people with ease spread out around the vessel.

Fish usually seen on these trips includes; gurnard, kahawai, elephant fish, snapper, trevally, tarakihi, blue cod, red cod, warehou, rig, kingfish, sea perch, jack mackeral, skate and the occasional octopus!